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Bitcoin Tour Colombia 2016

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      This past Saturday, August 27th Bitcoin Tour Colombia held its first event in Cucuta, it was part of a series that were organized across several cities including Bogota, Medellin and concluding in Cucuta located in the north of the border with Venezuela.This initiative was formed by a collaboration of diverse local Bitcoiners lead by Arley Lozano (Vakano) who is a passionate fan of Bitcoin who was inspired by his experiences abroad in the Bitcoin space wanted to spread knowledge of Bitcoin in Colombia.

      The announcement was met with great enthusiasm by the local Bitcoin community in part because of the close proximity of the events to the border which made it easy for Venezuelan Bitcoiners to attend. This activity allowed the attendees to share their ideas, knowledge, and doubts about Bitcoin.

      The event kicked off with Arley Lozano the organizer of the event who began with an introduction of what is Bitcoin, how transactions are broadcast on the Bitcoin blockchain, how to create a wallet for the first time. He also addressed several attendees who were victims of recent ponzi schemes using bitcoin, emphasizing that Bitcoin is not a pyramid based system nor an investment program. Bitcoin is a decentralized network where anyone can use it directly without the need of a third party.

       Notably, the event had international participants including, Linda Martinez, known as BTCwoman a leading voice in the Venezuelan Bitcoin community who explained a series of services and applications that can be used for the development of web and commercial projects with Bitcoin. The event also counted with the special appearance of Virgilio Lizardo Jr., Head of International at Bitbank. Who during his presentation explained the evolution of Bitcoin in China as well as expressing the desire to gather information on the needs of the Latin American market to support the community, Bitcoin education, and to introduce the various services offered by Bitbank including Bitcoin finance and mining.

        Final Thoughts

        The Bitcoin Tour Colombia was a total success, having reached its objectives of bringing together the local communities in the most influential cities for Bitcoin in Colombia, providing educational support about what is Bitcoin and how it works, warning the community about pyramid schemes and engaging Venezuelan Bitcoiners located in the border areas. Finally, BitcoinTour Colombia aims to be the first point of reference that motivates others to organize events that promote the Bitcoin movement in the region.

        Bitcoin Tour Colombia was made possible thanks to many collaborators and sponsors including Bitcoin Colombia, Bitbank, Panda Servers, Product Hunt, ATELIS,, DarWinos,, Analema Café, AirBitz, Ledger Wallet, RSK Labs, McCormick Bakery and Fátima Beer.

Meeting Bitcointour Colombia:

Author: Eduardo Gómez

Source and original author: Linda Martinez 


        Arley Lozano (Vakano) 领导全国各个地方的比特币爱好者合作发起本次比特币哥伦比亚之旅,他是比特币的忠实粉丝,因受到国外比特币社区的启发,故想在哥伦比亚传播比特币的知识。 当地比特币社区热情欢迎这次活动,部分原因是此次活动更靠近边境,委内瑞拉的比特币爱好者也很容易参加。活动上与会者还可以分享和交流他们关于比特币的想法,理解和疑问。

        本活动是以活动组织者Arley Lozano的三篇介绍而拉开序幕,分别为《什么是比特币》,《交易如何在比特币区块链上传播》及《第一次如何创建钱包》。他说道好几位与会者都是最近比特币庞氏骗局的受害者,但是他强调比特币不是以系统为基础的传销,也不是投资项目,而是去中心化网络,在这个网络上,大家都可以直接使用,无需第三方。

       值得注意的是,本次活动有国际人士参与,如Linda Martinez,她是委内瑞拉《比特币女人》栏目的主持人,这个栏目是委内瑞拉比特币社区的主要代言人,向大众解释了一系列可用于比特币网页和商业项目开发的服务和应用。 



        比特币哥伦比亚之旅感谢众多合作者和主办方,如Bitcoin Colombia, Bitbank, Panda Servers, Product Hunt, ATELIS,, DarWinos,, Analema, Analema Café, AirBitz, Ledger Wallet, RSK Labs, McCormick Bakery和Fátima Beer等。

Author: Eduardo Gómez

Source and original author: Linda Martinez